OTA Platform

The OTA server (Over-The-Air) enables a Network operator to introduce new SIM services or to modify the contents of SIM cards in a rapid and cost-effective way.

The solution can be used to update files or applications on a SIM card, with the use of an SMS , HTTP, CAT-TP methodologies.

OTA server is especially very powerful for Remote SIM Management capabilities such as updating an IMSIs, MSISDN, SPN, PNN, PLMN,Authentication parameters etc....which would be very critical for a Telecom operator to manage in time in relation to upcoming needs in the market.

Being in full compliance with GSM 03.48 (3GPP TS 23.048) standards security is the main driver of the technology across all the Card Centric OTA Platform architecture. System has different levels of secure access technologies in user management , file management and communication ciphering, encryption and various custom designed security implementations across the platform to create the highest level of protection for the Telecom Operators.

SIM Profiles can be easily created from SIM Profile GUI of Card Centric OTA platform and the information kept encrypted in the system.

Using GUI for event based triggering and bulk is an option that Administrators could enjoy while managing the platform features.

We offer a lot of customized web service interfaces / APIs for easy integration and effective system usage for Remote File Management (RFM), Remote Application Management (RAM) and S@T/Custom DSTK services of OTA technologies.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management System is one of the core elements in Card Centric OTA Platform which manages hundreds of campaigns at the same time that are being triggered onto different subscriber groups based on different segmentation breakdowns such as Location, SIM Technology (Java/Native), Capacity (64Kb , 128Kb etc…), custom card groups, gender including many other options in relation to the Telecom operator requirements.

Millions of subscribers can be managed at the same time without any affect to the performance of the overall system thanks to the long history , development and deployment expertise of Card Centric in Telecommunications industry.

Our flexible software capabilities, its scalable and redundant architecture makes it a strong asset in subscriber aggregation and considerable increase in profit returns per subscriber.

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