IMEI Tracker Application

is used by the Telecom Operators to detect the change of device when the SIM Card is inserted in a new handset or other mobile devices. Application simply sends the necessary IMEI number of the new mobile device to the Telecom Operator's server and enable the new device to receive personal settings such as WAP, MMS and SMS configurations automatically.

Information sent to the server could be consisted of IMEI number, ICCID and MSISDN information according to the Telecom Operator’s request. Application is compatible with all the Java 2.1 or higher technology SIM Cards which could be provided by any of the SIM Card vendors supplying SIM Card according to the GSM standards.

“An easy and reliable way to collect mobile terminal parameters and assures that services are optimized for the subscribers’ handset functionalities”

IMEI Tracker Solution Specifications

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