Mobile POS Solution

NFC capable android phones are now used instead of classical POS machines which enables contactless payment ability to its users in alignment with secure PINONGLASS® and/or TAPONPHONE® mechanisms which were introduced by MasterCard and Visa.

Being in compliance with EMV contactless transaction standards, all the credit card payment transactions are executed via secure communication flows between the card and the handset via Card Centric’s Mobile POS solution.

Users can pay their purchases using the Mobile POS application on their NFC capable android phones, the application of which could be downloaded and used instantly via Bank’s web channels or Android stores. Fleet management, Logistics and similar entities could use their phones only in payment collection without the need of additional POS machines carried with them.

Card Centric Mobile POS solution is available to the Bank’s or Mobile Network Operators (MNO) which are the entities to host the solution and promote thru their marketing channels to the end users.

Virtual Pos

Some of the highlights of the Mobile POS Solution are;

  • Secure Transaction in compliance with Master Card and Visa standards.
  • Support of all contactless communication.
  • APIs for easy integration to the Banks, MNO or other host systems.
  • Easily available for other Digital POS users.
  • User friendly SDK and practical usage.
  • Savings on conventional POS machine purchases.
  • Supports available payment standards based on request.
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