Multi IMSI Application

SIM based Multi IMSI application provides our customers a seamless IMSI switching experience which gives the advantage to the subscribers traveling abroad, to communicate and use data with local tariffs based on agreements between the MNO/MVNE/MVNOs.

The system is consisted of a Java applet residing on the SIM Card and a server application to manage IMSIs from the IMSI pool or directly configured into the SIM Card during production. As soon as the Multi IMSI application is loaded and activated, it becomes visible on the SIM STK and it communicates to the server dynamically for deploying/switching new IMSIs according to the location or pre-defined scenarios encoded in the applet.

There could be different usages of Multi IMSI application as defined below;
1) Manual Switching: User controlled via STK selection. Multi IMSI is visible in the STK menu.
2) Automated Switching:
• Server Driven – OTA Push: Mobile Network Operator updates IMSI over the air according to the targeted SIM Cards based on manual campaigns.
• Server Driven – Dynamic: IMSIs are updated over the air dynamically according to the targeted SIM Cards based on automated predefined scenarios.

How Multi IMSI Works

Card Centric Multi IMSI Application Benefits;

  • Simplicity – User has access to multiple mobile numbers and network operators on one SIM card.
  • Speed – User can instantly roam in different countries and on different networks.
  • Localization – Users are given a local identity everywhere they travel and are therefore seen as local subscribers instead of roamers.
  • Cost Effectiveness – User will be paying low local rate instead of international roaming rate.
  • Availability – Calls, Text, Data Services and so on.
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