Coverage Monitoring
(Quality of Service)

is ‘SIM based’ experience of network performance monitoring tool which provides real-time, location based events and measurements even at ‘No Coverage spots’!

Independent of Mobile OS

  • Android-iOS-Windows or even legacy phones
  • POS devices
  • M2M devices
  • Real Time Events : Reports 'Real Time' events

  • Drop call,
  • Call setup fail,
  • 2G-3G-4G HO,
  • CSFP fails,
  • Low Signal level,
  • No coverage,
  • Comparison against Competing Network Coverage
  • Without Limits : Available All Time at All Locations even in Idle Mode.

    “Networks can only ‘Estimate’ BUT , Card Centric’s Coverage Monitoring Solution can tell the ‘Exact’ cause all the time!”

    So please contact Card Centric sales team today to get detailed information about SIM based coverage monitoring solution that brings huge advantage over other device or network based systems which are costly, difficult to integrate and providing limited capabilities.

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