Remote SIM
Provisioning For
M2M / IoT

The GSMA M2M solution was the first Remote SIM Provisioning solution developed.
There were two reasons for this:

- The M2M solution is simpler as end user interaction is not required, or desirable, in the B2B2C segment.
- The immediate commercial need was for technical solutions that supported B2B2C deployments along wt Regulatory (eCall).

In full compliance with GSM Association SGP 3.2 Remote SIM Provisioning Standard for M2M and IoT industry, Card Centric RSP has all the advantage of managing and ESIM/eUICC over the air remotely anytime and anywhere.

Card Centric
M2M/IoT Solution

SM-DP (Data Preparation) : Is responsible for preparing, storing and protecting operator Profiles (including the operator credentials).

SM-SR (Secure Routing) : The SM-SR is responsible for managing the status of Profiles on the eUICC. It also secures the communications link between the eUICC and SM-DP for the delivery of operator Profiles.

SM-DS (Discovery Server) : Provides a means for an SM-DP+ to reach the eUICC without having to know which network the device is connected to.

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