Mobile Advertising

Card Centric Mobile Advertising Solution gives you remarkable results on marketing campaign returns in comparison to conventional marketing channels. The visibility rate of Card Centric Mobile Advertising campaigns are very impressive when compared to SMS based direct marketing.

Old fashioned SMS campaigns that are sent to the subscriber base by Mobile Operators are;
- Increasingly less effective

  • Below 0,5% success rates
  • Bulk SMS is commoditized
  • - Intrusive, clutters the SMS inbox
    - Too cumbersome:

  • The more targeting and personalization of the messages, the more load comes on the network, IT & business processes.

  • However Card Centric Mobile Advertising Solution provides all the below advantages under one unique solution namely;

    Furthermore, our solution gives the Network Operators to collect personal data and permissions, customer feedback upon service termination and even gather additional service requests such as credit applications.
    Card Centric would be happy to provide live demo’s and PoC for its potential customers who are interested in experiencing the look and feel of Mobile Marketing solution.
    Contact us today to gain immediate high returns and strengthen your customer loyalty with increasing interactivity between you and your subscribers.
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