Smart Card Experience
Since the 1990's

Card Centric has considerable Banking & Payment Smart Card Experience that has been gained since 1990's.

Secure payment algorithms which are designed and implemented in its own Smart Card Native Card Operating System and the applications which were developed on top of it in order to serve to various transaction needs in consumer markets, has been added great values on people's daily lives globally.

When we speak of Banking & Payments we actually speak of international standards and compliant applications to secure payment transactions. In that, Card Centric handle these under 2 different segments;

Banking Cards

Card Centric develops and delivers all the software technology including the Operating System, applications and modules / cards (optional) to its distribution network all over the world. Personalization and Issuance solutions are also being provided on request of our partners for domestic payment schemes.

Local Bank Card issuers can easily customize these smart cards by themselves by the tools & instructions provided by Card Centric Solutions. Card Centric has the ability to support its partners' productions remotely and maintain secure and accurate productions with its local distributors and issuers to serve the best quality of Banking Cards and services continuously.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards could be Non-EMV or EMV cards according to different market needs, however today world is utilizing EMV cards in most of the countries due to high security features represented by the technology. Card Centric Solutions offer smart cards for Master Card and Visa payment schemes both contact and contactless methods.

Dual Interface Smart Cards are the most recent product of ours which could serve Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) security which became a standard in Europe, Canada and United States recently. SDA (Static Data Authentication) cards are also available for those who would like to use this technology in their banking cards projects.

ATM Cards

Similar to Credit Cards, Card Centric smart cards deliver the most recent security technology for the ATM banking cards handling EMV standard secure transactions compliant with Master Card and Visa guidelines.

Other Payment Cards

Private Label Card issuers could enjoy the power of Card Centric payment solutions employing fast performance and compliant with ISO 7816, ISO 14443 and EMV secure transaction standards.

Card Centric Solutions delivers payment solutions which is a full Smart Card solution including the chipsets with all the software capabilities, to the local issuers or manufacturers who would like to personalize the end card and deliver to its B2B or B2C customers locally or internationally.

Business Lunch Cards

Perfectly match the needs of Private Label Card issuers who would like to deliver the Business Lunch Cards (Meal Voucher Cards) to its customers.

Payment Cards

Transportation Cards, Fuel Cards, Fleet Cards, Retail Cards and Corporate Payment Cards could be some examples to the use cases which are served by Card Centric Solutions.

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