Card Centric Has
Developed ICAO 9303
Standard ID Cards

for government applications in various parts of the governmental activities which would fit to the requirements of each local need.

Our solutions for governments and government organizations could vary from National ID Cards, e-Passports to Driving Licenses, Health Cards and Security Cards with stand alone usage or as combined where each feature could perform well with others according to the requirement of the citizens or corporate entities in that specific country.

Health Cards

Health Cards is one of the outstanding Smart Card product of Card Centric, which is used in Hospitals, Pharmacies, Government Organizations to track the health records of patients, maintain accurate delivery of medical treatment and prevent fraud or fake medicine, fake patient and fake purchase records.

Thanks to Card Centric's technology which manages all the security and transactional data with one of the highest security and performance in the industry, that a smart card can deliver.

National ID Cards

Being in compliancy with ICAO 9303 and ISO 7816 smart card standards, National ID solution of Card Centric fulfills all citizenship security features both in contact and contactless ID validation nation-wide.

Our technology employs cutting edge encryption algorithms such as 3DES, AES, RSA, ECDS, biometric security features, file management and key management systems to provide the desired security and functional mechanisms that Governments would like to implement in their various ID projects.

This technology of Card Centric is customizable according to the project requirements upon customer request providing uniquely secure smart card software for your nation.


Card Centric Limited offers E-Passport solution for governments in full compliance with ICAO 9303 and ISO standards. Implementing the highest standards of biometric technologies, it is a unique solution on Native card technology to serve various security levels both on IC, Chip OS and ID application levels.

Card Centric's technology has the ability to be customized according to the local requirements and local partners who would like to be a part of the National ID system consortium in the targeted country. Card Centric Limited has wide range of partners who are experienced in deploying the full system of ID management to border control mechanisms.

Driving Licenses

Similar to National ID cards, Card Centric's solution is the perfect match for Driving Licenses where the highest security levels are desired to be protected against fraud. Biometric authentication methods such as Finger Print, Elbow, Eye and Arm Vein can be deployed on any desired project according to customer requirements.

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