Remote SIM Provisioning
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The GSMA embedded UICC(eUICC) has been developed to promote a common global remote provisioning architecture for the new era of technology. Backed by the world's largest mobile providers and endorsed by the world's leading SIM suppliers, this is a technical specification that enables "over the air" installation and management of operator profiles.

This specification increases opportunities for operators and customers around the globe by reducing costs and improving flexibility and efficiency as it drives the economies of scale.

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SM-DP+ (Data Preparation Plus) : The SM-DP+ encapsulates the functions of both the SM-DP and the SM-SR of the M2M solution.

LPA (Local Profile Assistant) : is a set of functions in the device responsible for providing the capability to download encrypted Profiles to the eUICC.

SM-DS (Discovery Server) : Provides a means for an SM-DP+ to reach the eUICC without having to know which network the device is connected to.

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