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Ocak 10, 2021

E-wallets ; providing you comfort in everyday living.

E-Wallet is a term used for a digital wallet delivered with smart cards designed for closed loop payments like lunch cards, ticketing, transportation which are used […]
Ocak 10, 2021

Card Centric Enterprise Security

Card Centric Enterprise Security solutions provide secure asset management and enterprise wide security for authorized access to the work space. Not being limited to the physical […]
Ocak 10, 2021

You can check our new video on our YouTube channel

Our new video is giving a short brief about the services rendered, you can check it on our YouTube channel
Ocak 10, 2021

VAS – Value Added Services

A core approach of Card Centric is to create high returns for Telecom operators based on its broad experience in providing SIM based value added services. […]
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